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Own a piece of paradise for a day or more!
We have reserved two of the Reservation's most scenic and secluded high-elevation lakes and are making them available for family reunions, company picnics, church meetings or any other groups or individuals seeking an exclusive and totally private lake setting for their next camping and fishing experience.
Cyclone Lake
Cyclone Lake is a 37 acre lake (elev. 8,300 ft) just 10 minutes from Hawley Lake and an hour from Pinetop.
Hurricane Lake
Hurricane Lake is a 19 acre lake (elev. 9,000 ft) 15 minutes from Reservation Lake and less than two hours from Pinetop.
Rent-A-Lake Accommodations
You have exclusive use of the lake for the reserved period of time. Plus direct access of the lake/campground and all amenities come at no extra cost, the Department ensures the group is not disturbed. The Department will make sure the lake is adequately stocked for your enjoyment. Firewood, port-a-johns, picnic tables and potable water for the campground is provided.
Rent-A-Lake Reservations
Both Rent-A-Lake locations (Cyclone and Hurricane) rental season and services usually runs from May (Memorial Day Weekend) through September (Labor Day Weekend). So you and your family have enough time to get away from it all. The Rent-A-Lake program has placed a weekend reservation policy for both lakes. There is a three day minimum rental for weekends (Friday through Sunday). Weekdays are available on a daily basis Monday through Thurday. Cyclone Lake is only $400.00 per day and Hurricane Lake is $300.00 per day. There is an individual access permits of $4.00/person/day (for all persons 1 year or older). All reservations will be taken online for the up-coming 2014 season. Online reservation opening date will be January 1, 2016 at 9:00 am. FOR DETAILS CALL GREG DAZEN OR KRISTY GREGG AT 928-338-4385 EXT 232 OR EMAIL OUTDOORS@WMAT.US
Rent-A-Lake Regulations
Rental includes use from sunrise to sundown on rented days. Reservations are required and are taken on a first-come first-serve basis. All reservations will be taken online for the up-coming 2016 season. Rent-A-Lake access permits are valid for fishing at any other general fishing areas on the Reservation (excludes Closed Areas and Special Fishing Waters). Each person (ages 1 and up) entering the area must purchase a $4.00 per day Rent-A-Lake per person permit. Bag Limit/Possession Limit for both lakes is two per day.
Rent-A-Campround (Hawley Lake)
We also have an exclusive rent a campground program. The campground is located at our famous Hawley Lake. Then rental for the campground is $200.00 per day. FOR DETAILS CALL GREGG DAZEN OR KRISTY GREGG AT 928-338-4385 EXT 232 OR EMAIL OUTDOORS@WMAT.US
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