Cibecue Creek Trail

I have been all over the southwest camping, trout bumming, and vagabonding my way across the red rocks, painted deserts, arches, blue-green lakes and stunning canyons. The canyons oh my the canyons, they are without a doubt some of my fondest memories. Being pushed to explore every bend and nook has caused me to hike … Continue reading “Cibecue Creek Trail”

Best Hiking GPS

If you are heading out for a hike in the backcountry, one of the most indispensable appliances you can bring along is a handheld hiking GPS. This little device frees you from having to rely solely on paper maps and a compass to find your way. With it, you can check your exact coordinates at … Continue reading “Best Hiking GPS”

White Mountain Apache Tribe

There are very few places in the world with unequaled and unmatched beauty than can be found right in the heart of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Located in the East-Central region of Arizona the Fort Apache tribe spans 1.6 Million acres of prime outdoor recreational opportunities. Going to this area is a must for … Continue reading “White Mountain Apache Tribe”

White Mountain Apache Tribe Hunting

People have traveled from all over the world to chase trophy Elk. They have gone to the Rocky Mountains of Montana, to the high plains of North Dakota. Eastern – American elk growing now and thriving in Kentucky and Tennessee are now available to to be bagged by hunters. Yet without a doubt the trophy … Continue reading “White Mountain Apache Tribe Hunting”

White Mountain Apache Tribe Fishing and Watersports

Most people associate Arizona with the Grand Canyon and the Painted desert. They see red rock, mesas and long stretches of barren, desert, wasteland. Well that is simply not the case at all and here on the White Mountain Apache Tribal lands are an abundance of water recreational opportunities available to everyone, including fishing. Fishing … Continue reading “White Mountain Apache Tribe Fishing and Watersports”