Elk hunting WMAT

People come from ALL over the world to the state of Arizona for the Elk hunting. Boasting some of the largest Boone and Crockett record setting bulls it is no wonder at all for this pilgrimage. This region does not have the predator problems that others have and as such the elk here grow with relative impunity. That is to say they do not have much pressure and therefore they can grow and thrive into massive animals. They also are rugged and well adapted to the mountains where they find their home. There is no better place in a state FULL of great places for Elk, than the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Here you will be able to find exactly the kind of big game trophy Elk hunt in Arizona you have already dreamed of!

The elk in the White Mountain Apache Tribe are managed and protected by the local Native American tribe. The White Mountain Apache pride themselves on what they have accomplished by making fair chase hunting opportunities for non-tribal members that produce trophy Bulls. They are skilled in wildlife management as well as conservation. They manage the numbers of hunters that are allowed in the region and control what animals are taken. They also encourage and take part in their own predator controlling methods to including hunting and trapping. (There is also predator hunting options as well for hunters and they are highly encouraged).

You are not just getting a hunting experience when you go there as well. You are also getting to see pristine wilderness areas almost totally unspoiled by man. See the suns rise of the surrounding peaks as it cuts through the treeline. Spend the day hiking over hill and dell on the quite literal dusty trail of trophy sized bull Elk. The White Mountain region is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled in Arizona. With rivers, valleys, snow capped peaks, and clear blue mountain lakes. Bring a camera or at least a phone that can take pictures. After all there will be plenty to shoot with a camera while you are hunting what you can shoot with your rifle or bow.

There are few ways one can approach Elk hunting with the White Mountain Apache tribe. You can go at it on your own and get tribal permission, pay the licenses and fees. Then you can go on your own to the designated areas and have your own Do-it-yourself, Fair chase Western Elk hunt. This is a bucket list dream for many hunters so hunting in the White Mountain region gives you more opportunity to cash in as successful bucket list hunt. Now this option is a good one for the seasoned and experienced hunter or for someone looking for a challenge. Just because there are a lot of opportunities does not mean you will be successful. That is why they call it hunting.

If success if your game and trophy bull Elk are your aim then you can go with the second option. A guided Trophy hunt. The White Mountain Apache Tribe has hunting guides that will give you a leg up over a do it yourself hunt. After all these native guides have lived in the White Mountains their entire lives and know where the Elk generally are. A guided hunt does not mean a 100% success rate but it does tilt the odds substantially in your favor. The guides will also help you process and carry out your kill, which personally is worth the coin. If you have ever had to make several pack trips up and down the same ridge you start to question a lot of decisions. One of them being “Wish I brought more people with me…” or “I could have paid someone for this…”. This option of course like the Do-it-yourself option is solely dependent on what you the hunter want to experience.

Both of those options can deliver on a bucket list dream of tracking, finding, and bagging a trophy Elk. Now the hunting regulations, fees, and licenses. As well as guide fees and requirements are ever changing. Conservation laws are ever evolving and are fairly flexible so here is the best place to stay up-to-date on what you need to know to legally and ethnically hunt on the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Be sure to reference that page often to keep up to date on the regulations, licenses and fees so you can plan your trip accordingly.

If you go with the guided option most of the headache of “what do I need to do?” will be taken care of for you by local experts that do this every year for folks. Peace of mind comes with a cost but it is well worth it for those that wish. The Do-it-yourself option is a great way to personally challenge yourself and you can still employ help from the White Mountain Apache Tribe who will help ensure you stay in the right direction. They want you to be legal, ethical and successful regardless. So do not discount non-guided services just be aware that the guided hunt will most likely be the easiest for those willing to spend.

If you have chosen to Elk hunt on the White Mountain Apache Tribal lands then you have already made the right choice on where to hunt, there really is no wrong choice on how. Guided, or non-guided the experience is going to be one you refer back to for many years. The sights, sounds, smells, and overall adventure will forever be emblazoned on your memory. That is something you cannot put a price on.

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