Spending the entire day fishing can really take it out of you. Sure its fun and relaxing but you are up and about all day. You are on your feet, in the sun, and burning a lot of energy. Perhaps you have been hiking all day, or simply driving around and site seeing. No matter what you will not want to leave the area, least not to sleep. So thankfully the White Mountain Apache Tribe has you covered, with plenty of camping options to suit everyone. Be sure to check out all the opportunities available, there will be something for everyone. Make sure you check the rules and regulations out as well, there are some areas along rivers that require special permits that can be kept in a small safe in your backpack from Dependable Safes. They are well worth the effort!

Camping is without a doubt one of the best ways people can spend their time off and away from work and the rat race of life. Spending just a few days outdoors living has a number of positive effects on the mind and body. Some folks like to camp as primitive as possible, pushing themselves and getting as close to nature as possible. To others the idea of camping without satellite TV and internet is a basically a war crime. They need a nice soft bed, but don’t necessarily want to stay in a hotel. They still want to be out “in it” without having to leave behind the 21st century. Both are great examples of how you can camp while staying in this region. Both are available to you at the White Mountain Apache Tribe. So there are no excuses to not visit, RV or Primitive they have a place for you to lay you head at night under a blanket of stars.

There is an ABUNDANCE of campgrounds situated on pristine lakes that give you a tranquil and peaceful view of one of Arizona’s best kept secrets. We are not kidding when we say this is a secret, even during peak season and during Holidays there are vacant campground spots. Horseshoe, Reservation, A-1, Sunrise, Pacheta and Drift Fence Lakes (all are lake Campgrounds) are often have vacancies even during the 4th of July weekend. Reservations to camp are fist come, first serve. There is no way to reserve a place beforehand, so leave early if you want to get the ‘perfect’ spot.

These campgrounds offer services like garbage cans, vault toilets, and a camp host. Camp hosting opportunities are also available for the long-term RV type camper. From Memorial to Labor Day the campgrounds will be under the care of hosts. They will see to refuse pick up, and the cleaning of the bathrooms and other services. They also can help point you in the right direction to the recreational activities available in the area. After Labor Day people are still allowed to camp at the campground, they are just required to pack in and pack out what they bring with them. Taking advantage of the off season camping is a great way to enjoy an even more tranquil experience in an already serene area. After all less campers, means less noise. Less noise means more peace.

If peace if what you are after, there are also opportunities for primitive camping. The White Mountain Apache Tribe defines primitive camping areas as: those remote and secluded areas on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. In Primitive Camping Areas are not serviced, which means there are no toilet or garbage facilities. All campers are required to pack in/pack out all camping and fishing refuse and debris (including trash and human waste). These areas include the Black and Salt River, the entire stretch from the eastern boundary of the reservation to the western boundary. (This is a special permit area). The Bonito Prairie Stock tanks, Big Bonito creek (¼ mile downstream on route T55 to the Black river Confluence. Also a special permit area). Campsites in these areas are not designated and guests must pack in and pack out what they take with them. Leave no trace. Seriously. If people do not follow these rules and regulations these areas will be closed off to camping. These areas often require special permits so make sure you have the right paperwork in order.

Camping in the White Mountain Apache Tribe is probably one of the best parts of being in this area. Say what you will about the hunting, fishing, hiking, and water sports. They are all great in their own right and are probably what people will claim as one of their number one reasons for being in the area. When the sun sets, the moon comes out and the endless blanket of stars is hanging low above you. A distant coyote yips and the crackling of the fire as you relax on the banks of a river, or the beach at the lake, you will know why you came here. It was for this moment in time right here. Camping heals the soul. Come heal at the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Come camp. When you leave you will be able to face the rat race recharged and refreshed. You will have spent time in the wild playing and getting back to who we are as humans. So RV, car camping, pop-up, pull behind campers, backcountry hikers, backpackers and vagabonds of all walks of life! Be SURE to check out the endless camping opportunities at the White Mountain Apache Tribe!